Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles.

So, I’m pretty sure The Jonas Brothers will be everyones favorite band in 5 years. I will like them, my sister will like them, my best friend will like them and, dare I say...Pitchfork will most certainly like them. It’s all very obvious to me. They are on the same path as The Beatles. Let me clarify, they will NOT be the next Beatles. They will NOT revolutionize anything. What I mean is this: The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles have a very similar lineage. Started off young, rose a bit, fell hard, then blew up. The only thing thats left for The JoBros to do is make sophisticated music that no one can deny as good, if not great.

Why would any one say this? Well, my only reason to believe what they could become is their influences. I know, I know, Miley Cyrus “loves” Radiohead and Bob Iver. The difference between Miley and The JoBros is that The JoBros are actually talented, where as Miley is a talentless, bumbling fool. The Jonas Brothers like music that matters. Songwriters who made a difference. You won’t write great music if you listen to garbage.

The one thing me and Nick Jonas have in common is our love for Elvis Costello. That lucky son of a bitch got a chance to hang out with Elvis and talk about songwriting. While no one was shocked that Elvis was polite during the meeting, he did shell out some serious, eye opening advise to little Nick.

“See how far you can carry people into the things that you love, and don't be persuaded to keep making the same record. If being a pop star is your ambition, you're bound to be disappointed. There's truth to the idea that little girls who like you now are gonna wake up one day and be embarrassed they felt that way, because they feel like they're more sophisticated now.”

A lot of people argue that they’ll never break out of the Disney world to be legitimate musicians. Look at Justin Timberlake, he broke out and became the closest heir to of the king of pop that I’ve seen. The Brothers will grow up and their contract with Disney will expire. I think once those girls Elvis spoke of wake up and feel embarrassed is the day The Jonas Brothers will turn it around and do something great. The JoBros have to grow with their fans (and win over a few guys in the process). If they do that, they will be the biggest thing since...themselves. I’m hope I’m right.


  1. Another step in the right direction. You keep carrying people into the things that you love. (Where have I heard that before?)

  2. I can certainly see this happening. I'll be thinking about this as the years pass and see if you're a correct music afficionado. GSpinn, I'm a fan of your blog. Bigtime.

  3. For some strange reason, I have incredibly high hopes for the little Jonas' solo project. My only experience with them is some awards show performance and it became immediately clear that he was the actual talent in the group. We'll see. They have to do a lot to reach me, because I'm strangely pretty far removed from Top 40 happenings.

    PS, you're wrong. You said the new Vampire Weekend was just good. It's awesome. So there.

  4. I know you famous writers get a lot of requests, but would you go to rhapsody (your friend has an account, or you can just get 25 free listens with no account at all) and listen to some Absynthe Minded? (This fookin thing won't let paste links!) Get into a little of the old, a little of the new, and an extended track or two.

    Please let me know what you think. Belgium's finest thanks you!